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Image of Book one, 'The Beginning'
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Book one, 'The Beginning'

Sarah Hoyle, an Oxford based illustrator asked Ollie Thomas, a musician and writer (and also her friend!) to write a short poem for an illustration. I think she said no more than a page was needed. 
One year later she had 80,000 words of nonsensical streams of consciousness dumped on her desk. Over the last year or so it has been chopped and snipped into the beginning book of Cornelius’s adventures. 
Young Cornelius (our hero) might not be a great magician (yet) but he does have his grandfathers magic hat THE MULTIPLIER. Unfortunately it is stolen by evil Crobag and the only way to get it back is by going to Mount Akavee!
This is book one of a series, aptly called 'The beginning'.
Full of colourful characters and descriptions Cornelius and the Multiplier is aimed at children between the ages 4-10, although we reckon you could be an old pensioner and you’d still enjoy it (fingers crossed it goes over the 10-100 age group).

Image of Book one, 'The Beginning'